Source: minne

Gorgeous Cat Motif Cut Glass With Edo Period Technique

One of the original Japanese art crafts found in the Edo period, is the Edo Kiriko, which uses cutting patterns in the surface of glass. The most commonly seen designs and patterns are chrysanthemums flowers and hemp leaves, which can be seen in many Japanese kimonos, fans, and other traditional crafts.

Of course, as the traditional cutting technique passes through time, it evolves. The newest Cat Motif Edo Kiriko is simply a beautiful fusion between the past and present. It glows and shines both in the day or night, and it could be filled with drinks or be used as a simple home decor.







You can find the Cat Motif Edo Kiriko on websites like minne and creema, and it has been ranked the top 1 selling item for over 2 months. If you are interested, it takes 20 days to wait for the restock. As for the most popular one “Sunset cat and the Seven treasure”, it would take about 40 days.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.