Puccho, aka (@puuuutttyo) has two cats at home and loves them so much that she maintains several SNS accounts dedicated to their everyday life.

Here’s a short video clip from Puccho’s YouTube channel to get familiar with Chomi (left) and Putico (right).

They’re just stretched out on the sofa. Or as Puccho aptly titled the video, “Humans sit on the floor is the default.”

Or even more entertaining is this video of Putico thoroughly enjoying one of her toys while Chomi looks on.

I think Putico has hacked this toy and found the best way to play. I mean how often do you see a cat so engrossed with a toy…incredible.

So you probably get the picture. Very cute cats. It’s no wonder Puccho spends so much time watching them and sharing with her followers.

But today, Puccho and Putico’s roles are reversed. Because there’s one thing that keeps Putico’s attention like nothing else. Not even her toy…

Putico the Overseer

Puccho noticed her cat has a strange habit. And like she always does, she shared her discovery on Twitter.

Over the last few months, Puccho has been collecting photos of Putico’s odd obsession.

Obsessed with what you may ask?

Well see for yourself…

Reproduced with permission from puuuutttyo (@puuuutttyo)

This picture is from May.

Reproduced with permission from puuuutttyo (@puuuutttyo)

This one is from July.

Reproduced with permission from puuuutttyo (@puuuutttyo)


Reproduced with permission from puuuutttyo (@puuuutttyo)

And the latest was taken earlier this month.

So you see, Putico is simply fascinated with her owner washing the dishes. She doesn’t even seem to mind the banging sounds of pots and pans or get scared off when it’s time to rinse.

What an odd little cat haha.

Puccho even made a web store where you can buy originally designed shirts, phone cases, etc.

And of course there’s plenty of merch featuring Putico’s watchful gaze with the caption “見守り中.”

I hope that Puccho will put together a calendar with a different picture of Putico watching over us for each month!

For more of Puccho’s cats, check out the link below for her various SNS accounts.

By - Mujo.