After the refreshing taste, perhaps the next most appealing thing about a nice sushi or sashimi dinner is the aesthetic of the plating and the food itself. Tokyo-based designer Duncan Shotton recognizes that, and that's why he's set out to offer a new gorgeous look to your dining experience with Soy Shapes: "Soy sauce dipping dishes that give the illusion of impossible three-dimensional shapes."

Soy Shapes, a crowd-funding project that has already hit its goal, takes advantage of the natural gradation that occurs in soy sauce when poured into an irregular surface to produce these trippy, but gorgeous shape-shifts all within your soy sauce dish. The end result is a filled soy sauce dish that appears as three dimensional image. While the aesthetic kink is new, Shotton is embracing the modern twist while giving homage to Japanese tradition. The dishes, which come in triangular and cubic shapes, are made by old-school craftsmen in Gifu, Japan, which has a long history of ceramics and pottery.

Each package contains two matching dishes, with 77 of each type being produced.

You can find more information and updates on hopefully acquiring these geometric soy sauce beauties at Shotton's Kickstarter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.