It’s summer, which means it’s time to head out to the beach. Underneath the blue sky and by the beautiful wide ocean, of course, there are ladies with bikinis. A perfect timing for a perfect pair of sunglasses is needed not only for sun-block, but most importantly to peak around your surroundings without being overly exposed, or being called a pervert.

For anybody who watched Dragon Ball, they must know who is Master Roshi, the old strong elderly guy carrying a turtle shell on his back, and red hot sun glasses. He loves women more than any other Dragon Ball character, and there is nothing particularly wrong with that.

Well, this manga-style glasses can now belong to you, a wavy thunder line striking across the mid-area of the glasses. And you can switch with real lenses in your own preference. For cosplayers who aim to be like Master Roshi, it is a must to have. If you are interested, you may order a pair right here at Japan Trend Shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.