Despite how timely and organized Japanese society seems to run, it's not uncommon to see some rushed rudeness in a Japanese train station. However, recently in Kita-Senju Station, a passenger experienced rudeness not from some jerk bumping into him, but a ticket machine. @noraitasu was charging their commuter pass, and when they expected to neatly retrieve it was shocked by the automatic teller's insolence. The 4 second video clip of the experience has already received 60,000 retweets in one day.

According to @noraitasu, he ran into this disrespectful act once the transaction was completed. The machine simply threw the card on the ground like "whatever." In Japan, manners matter (recently on social media Japanese people have been complaining about store staff who casually toss their change back at them), it’s not common to see such rude behavior in their culture. Unfortunately, he had already paid the price of the charge up front, so he lowered himself to pick up the card on the ground...

The station worker took immediatel action of noting the machine as “out of service,” and working out the machine-gun card dispenser problem. We hope the Japanese folks could forgive this one, and let it go.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.