It can always be hard to say goodbye to or simply etire old clothes. Whether they're damaged or just don't fit, threads that have sentimental value or cost a pretty penny aren't fun to let go of. This can especially be true of kimono in Japan, which are often expensive and worn on very special days.

Japanese service "&Steady Reborn" has a great solution, as they offer to take in old kimono and obi (the sash worn around a kimono) and turn them into sneakers with the same elegant designs.

The service is a followup to custom-made kimono sneakers they introduced last year. This time, they'll take kimono and obi you no longer wear off your hands, and unwind and fashion them into one fabric that decorates your new handmade sneakers.

In addition to submitting old kimono and obi, customers can select lace or Velcro, black or white soles, as well as wooden patterns. The order process takes roughly about 2 months, and starts with pricing from 45,000 yen in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.