Travelers from around the world have a habit of seeking out and filling their suitcases with the various flavors of Kit Kats available in Japan, but perhaps one of the biggest hits with the Japanese market has been the Tokyo Banana Kit Kat. That's because Tokyo Banana, a banana and milk flavored sponge cake, might just be the most popular souvenir in Tokyo, and is a well sought after gift to bring back for family, friends, and co-workers of those who make trips to the Tokyo area. Nestle Japan and Tokyo Banana are teaming up once again, this time to release a new premium version of the mega-popular flavor.

The original Tokyo Banana Kit Kats owe a lot of their popularity due to successfully recreating the banana milk cream filling of Tokyo Banana cakes, taking the crunch of a Kit Kat and filling it with a creamy interior. The white chocolate wafers use banana and caramel powder for what Nestle calls a bittersweet aftertaste, but the new Premium version are updated with Feuilletine, or crispy thin flakes of crushed crepes kneaded into each wafer.

Tokyo Banana Kit Kats Premium Banana Milk Flavor with Feuilletine will first go on sale as a limited edition release at the Daimaru department store adjacent to Tokyo station from December 19th of 2018 to January 8th of 2019. They're available in boxes of 8 and 15, for 680 yen and 1,250 yen respectively. Starting December 26th, however, they will also be available at Haneda Airport, Tokyo Solamachi, and major train stations in the general Tokyo area.

By - Big Neko.