Japanese traditional P.E. class uniforms (Taiso fuku) are mandatory to wear in gym class, similar to the regulation of an everyday school uniform Both types of uniforms are a way of symbolizing your school and making yourself easy to identify as a student, but also have come to be admired and sometimes fetishized as “Kawaii(cute)” in terms of fashion.

Gym wear is suppose to be simple and flexible for doing sports, a nice break from the stiffness of a prestigious school uniform, so the company Moira Design took a creative step to flip its concept and turned it into a one-piece dress called “Taiso fuku one piece”, as part of their “School Fiction” lineup. The idea behind it is to fully use the original standard concept of a Japanese P.E. uniform, but extend the white shirt length down around the knee, making it a bit more billowy and comfortable while keeping details intact to resemble the gym wear.

The fabric material is 100% Polyester, which fast absorbs sweat and drys quick. It can be worn indoors as relaxing loungewear, or thrown on even when going for a quick errand. The P.E. wear one-piece sells at 8,900 yen, limited to 2 maximum orders per purchase.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.