Mega popular anime “One Piece is celebrating the release of its new movie ONE PIECE FILM RED with original movie themed wagashi (Japanese traditional desserts). The sweets are part of Bandai’s sweets brand, “Tabemasu,” which turns popular anime characters into adorable wagashi.

There are two types in this Wagashi series; “Tabemasu ONE PIECE FILM RED Luffy” and “Tabemasu ONE PIECE FILM RED Shanks” (278 yen each, tax included). They are available at 7-Elevens nationwide in Japan.

The Luffy wagashi is custard flavor and Shanks is chocolate flavored. They are made of “Nerikiri”, traditional colored sweet bean paste dumplings intricately cut. While they look like very detailed character figurines, they are completely edible!

The quantity is limited, so make sure you go check them out and don’t miss out!

By - Mugi.