You may remember when the news of McDonald's Japan's chocolate sauce covered French fries, or the "McChoco Potato" (fries are called "Fried potato" in Japanese), shook the internet with buzz over such an adventurous combination. That popularity powered the fast food chain's Japanese franchise to release a Halloween version this year, covering French fries in orange pumpkin sauce along with chocolate. Now McDonald's Japan is adding a sequel to their spooky chocolate fries with the "Halloween Witch Potato", or French fries topped with purple potato sauce and chocolate.

Trick or Treat: Pumpkin Sauce or Purple Potato Sauce?

The official title is "Halloween Witch's Fries with Purple Sweet Potato and Chocolate Sauce", and that's exactly what it is. Using a convenient sauce packet (observable below), you can apply a drizzle of two different sauces on top of your fries for a sweet and salty combination, with a mysterious Halloween aesthetic. One is the very popular in Japan murasaki imo (purple sweet potato), which is said to sport a gentle sweetness of purple potatoes, as well as capture the aroma of the fall (along with a witch-like purple color). The second is a dark and thick chocolate sauce that's been featured in the past.

Keep in mind your fries don't come drenched in sauce, rather you apply the Halloween concoction directly yourself using one of Japan's convenient DIY sauce packages. If you haven't seen one before, they work like the one below.

Just imagine this with chocolate and purple potato sauce instead

Officially released on October 19th, the Halloween Witch's Fries with Purple Sweet Potato and Chocolate Sauce will be available at McDonald's throughout Japan (until the end of October) individually for 330 yen ($3.23), and as an added bonus you can upgrade any of the sides of your meal sets to the Halloween treat for 60 yen. If you're brave and hungry enough, pair them with their pumpkin sauce variation for true Trick or Treat meal.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.