After the brilliant invention of the Meomeo hand cream, made to attract cats to your side with its unique fragrance, another dreamy cat hand cream has arrived for cat lovers. The new Punipuni Nikukyu hand cream (literally, soft cat paw), will magically make your hands smell exactly like cat palms, while working as a perfect moisturizer for your dry hands.

The hand cream even comes in different colors of paw.


Azuki-iro (Russet Dark Red Color)


But how genuine is the smell really?

According to the many people who've already tried it out, it appears that the hand cream smells 100% like cat paws.

"After whipping the cream on your hand, it tends to smell sweet at first, then smoothly transitions to smell entirely like my cat’s paw," a cat owner commented on the page.

It’s not uncommon to smell cat paws in Japan, in fact, many cat lovers enjoy their scent in the morning, saying that they smell like sunflowers and bring you energy. Similarly, many take a whiff to feel refreshed after a stressful day of work. Now they can smell their own humans paws anywhere they go, and relish in the same effects. The Punipuni Nikukyu hand cream is sold for 1,050 yen (10.15 USD), and is available in three different colors.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.