Despite being born only six months ago in April 2016, Captain Kanpachi is already making a name for herself as a reliable sailor of a Japanese coastal vessel. It's as though the fluffy Chinchilla cat was meant to live life out on the big blue sea, and loves nothing more than to jump around and play even when her human counterparts are suffering from seasickness and fatigue.

With her very own Twitter account, Captain Kanpachi has become quite the popular character on the Japanese twitterverse, and her contribution to the coastal service has won her the prestigious Best Sailor Award, given to a sailor of a coastal vessel by Japanese publishing company Uminoue Bunko.

The adorable feline celebrated with a well-deserved plateful of yummy treats, though she was soon back at work along with the rest of her crew. Though she may be young, she's one diligent cat, and is currently being trained to keep off dangerous areas of the boat.

Uminoue Bunko elaborated on their decision to award Captain Kanpachi by explaining that the population of sailors working on coastal vessels has been declining, and Captain Kanpachi helped greatly to spread awareness and interest toward the coastal service. Hopefully, Captain Kanpachi's commendable achievement and captivating charm will encourage more people to become sailors in the future.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.