The Japanese corner of Twitter has quite the share of talented "wool felt artists", with creations that range from adorably realistic shiba inu and corgis to gigantic and terrifying cat heads. Creative fantasy artist @sacocho may have perfectly bridged the gap between cute and creepy, however, with two feline contraptions that are bound to either warm your heart or fuel your nightmares. The first is a felt kitty and Roomba hybrid, and the second is a cat monorail.

This liquid cat is sliding into your DMs--or nightmares!

Hop on board the Cat Rail!

@sacocho claims to have been inspired by the eerie and unsettling nature of Cyriak's "Welcome to Kitty City" video, and set out to recreate the disturbingly cute cats in real life.

The cats are named "Rail" and "Balloon", respectively, and @sacocho hopes to add more to their ranks and run a limited edition cat cafe--staffed by these strange feline creations. Given @sacocho's talent with wool felt handicrafts and 3D printing, it's safe to say you can expect to see even more disturbingly cute cat devices in the future!

By - Big Neko.