Dinnertime can be a fierce battle, especially for anyone who comes from a big family. Missing a beat could potentially mean giving up the last piece of fried chicken to one of your siblings, and for some, that’s just too much to bear.

Even cats have to fight their own battles when they’re fed, like the feline family of Japanese Twitter user @i_poti. For reasons even @i_poti isn’t sure of, it appears as though one of her cats Nikko recently developed the habit of punching his older brother Daifuku right in the face while waiting to be fed.

Planting a clean upper right in Daifuku’s face, @i_poti revealed that the recipient of the punch is surprisingly chill and never retaliates. Maybe the punch comes from the sheer excitement of knowing he'll be eating soon, or maybe he's just really impatient and enjoys taking it out on his brother. It may even be a common thing, considering that their little sister Kinako doesn’t even given them a glance.

But most of the time they’re just regular cats doing regular cat things, like sitting around the house or sniffing each other’s butts. Hopefully Nikko doesn’t get too used to his violent new habit though, because Daifuku might secretly be plotting his sweet, sweet revenge.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.