Finding the perfect place to sleep isn’t a difficult task for any cat, but not many cats would pass up the opportunity to spend the night (or the entire day) in sheer comfort and luxury. Thanks to Japanese Twitter user @23_fusafusa, her kitty can now crawl into its very own wooden bed every night to get some beauty sleep.

Purchasing IKEA’s DUKTIG Doll Bed, @23_fusafusa laid out a fuzzy blanket and introduced her feline to the wonderful art of jumping into bed. It wasn’t long until her cat was sprawled out over it, yawing and drifting off into sweet slumber.

The proud feline owner’s idea came from a trend that has been circulating Japanese Twitter for quite some time now, where the IKEA Doll Bed is either repurposed or bought specifically as a bed for cats. It’s an adorable idea that, with a little bit of decorating, will turn your cat’s sleepy abode into the ultimate snooze spot for your beloved animal. Those with many cats have even stacked one on top of another to create bunk beds!

But be forewarned, once you give your best friend a cute little bed, you’ll get the urge to create an entire mini-bedroom for your cat.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.