We knew people were going wild when Studio Ghibli and Donguri Republic teamed up to release a No-Face Piggy Bank that gobbles up coins, burps, and plays music from Spirited Away, but it turns out humans aren't the only ones in awe of the wandering spirit with a ravenous appetite. Facebook user 臭臉托の日常 let us know just how easily our feline friends can be spooked by No-Face and his greedy feasting with this humorous video of a cat bewildered by the No-Face Piggy Bank!

While not as action-packed as cats vs. Jedi Master Yoda, the cute video is a good reminder that mysterious spirits such as No-Face and cats should probably be introduced slowly together. If you're looking to get your hands on the No-Face Piggy Bank, Donguri Republic is currently out of stock, but we have some alternative methods to look for it here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.