The annual harvest festival held in the town of Chikuzen, Fukuoka is a grand two-day event that takes months to prepare for. Every year, staff and locals put their hands together to create an enormous statue out of straw and bamboo, and it's recently been revealed that the 2016 festival will feature a 10-meter tall Godzilla from the newest movie, Shin Gojira.

The Godzilla statue took 4 months to complete, with over 170 people contributing to help design and build it. Though it's unlikely we would ever see Godzilla standing calmly among beds of pink flowers, the final result is quite surprisingly accurate to the most recent figure of the King of Monsters, from the formation of the massive legs to the long, club like tail. The eyes and mouth of this bamboo-and-straw statue are even made to light up at night, making it look as though it will suddenly come alive and blast its atomic breath. According to the tweets of some of the visitors, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces even made it to the big reveal!

The 12th Annual Chikuzen Harvest Festival will be held on November 5th and 6th. Head over to the Chikuzen Town official website (Japanese) for more details.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.