You probably remember the Raindrop Cake that shattered beliefs that water could never be a dessert. The simple combination of water and agar eventually became a huge trend that prompted droves of curious foodies to try it out, while at the same time reminding people of the traditional Japanese dessert that inspired it all — the Mizu Shingen Mochi.

The delicate dessert is surprisingly easy to make at home, and Japanese Twitter user @mithiruka recently decided to give it ago. She didn’t just stop at making an ordinary water cake, though. Instead, she used a silicone mold to make a cat-shaped Raindrop Cake.

Needless to say, her attempt was a huge success, and the result was a stunning cake with the appearance of a sleeping, curled-up cat. If we hadn’t known any better, we would easily have assumed it was a glass object.

The cat wasn’t the only beautifully shaped water cake she made, and she shared a video of another one molded in the shape of a rose.

If you want to try this out at home, you can get silicone molds from the store and follow the recipe. Add some soybean flour and syrup, and it’ll taste just as good as the Raindrop Cake!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.