There is such an abundance of cat-themed home items in Japan, that if you wanted to fill your entire house or apartment with them, you really won’t have any trouble. From cat pillow covers for the bedroom, to hand towels that imitate a particularly stretchy cat for the bathroom, Japan truly is the country that rewards cat lovers with cute things.

The latest cat-inspired collection released in Japan is called “Cat’s Nap Time” and is sold by a Japanese chain store appropriately called Afternoon Tea. In the past, the store has released other home accessories in collaboration with cat-loving creators, and the upcoming set is a kitchenware set made for tea parties.

With a theme of “Fruits Tea Party”, there are several items that feature cats surrounded by fruits and fruity colors. It has everything — from essentials such as teapots, mugs and cake stands to various accoutrements like coasters, a tea cosy, and a tea bag tray.

You can see some of the items and their prices below.

Coasters (770 yen each)

Teapot (4,400 yen), Cake stand (4,400 yen)

Transparent mug (2,420 yen)

Stainless mug (2,530 yen), Tea bag tray (880 yen)

Mini bowls (2,750 yen each)

Glass jars (small 1,430 yen / medium 1,650 yen)

Embossed plate (1,760 yen), embossed mug (1,760 yen)

Mini tray (1,760 yen), tea cosy (2,640 yen)

The “Cat’s Nap Time” items will be released in two sets, with the first set going on sale from February 10, 2021, and the second set from February 20, 2021. They will be available in select Afternoon Tea branches in Japan and through their online store (Japanese).

By - Jen Laforteza.