Even as one of the most famous travel destinations in Japan, Kyoto Prefecture never ceases to find creative ways to leave a strong impression on prospective visitors and the other thousands of repeating travelers. But while most forms of media advertising popular tourist spots typically feature their serene, gorgeous aspects, the city of Kyoto released a new video earlier this year that brought three Heian nobles and a whole lot of dance moves to the most historical locations in Kyoto.

The video is described as "three Heian-era nobles, transported to modern Kyoto, find themselves captured by its unique charms — so different from the Kyoto they know. Every day is such a blast, they can't help but share its joys through song and dance."

Following the modern day shenanigans of the three nobles, also known as "Heisei Kizoku" (Heisei Nobles), we see not only their slick dance moves but also many famous travel spots in the area like the Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama. A city thriving with both history and modern Japanese culture, the promotional video attests to the fact that Kyoto is truly a unique travel destination.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.