Japanese maker Felissimo's Cat Club (Nekobu) division doesn't just design and release cat-themed goods, they cook up some very particular items for cat lovers. Panties that unfold into cat heads, scratch n' sniff stickers that smell like cat tummies, and scratch posts that turn your kitty into a Buddhist statue are just some of their recent quirky feline-inspired creations.

They've chosen to get quite particular: a cat-shaped pouch that features an adorable and derpy kitty face on the front, and furry cat balls on the back.

Yes, you read that right. Cat-shaped pouches to store your personal belongings that come with two fluffy "realistic to touch" cat balls on the back. While you may be a bit confused, in Japan "Nyantama" (Meowballs), or this specific part of a male cat's anatomy, are looked at as "kawaii", and there are even published photobooks of them.

The kitty pouches, and their attached jingling furry balls, come in four different cat colors.

They're just big enough to fit in your bag, but can hold quite a bit thanks to their dimensions. You can also just use them as decorative pieces or cat plushies with balls--if that's your thing!

The Meowballs cat pouches are currently available from Felissimo's Japanese online store, but keep a lookout at their international shop where they should be available shortly.

By - Big Neko.