While the idea of clothes on pets can make some uncomfortable, it's quite a common sight in Japan. Obviously, there is a popular aesthetic of "cute" that has long been valued in Japan, leading to many people pampering their pets with custom-fit clothes. However, this is mostly done to keep pets warm outside during walks in cold weather, and even indoors in older Japanese houses that get chilly very easily (central heating isn't really a thing in Japan). Given that cats are pretty receptive to (or at least demanding of) pampering, there might be some felines in Japan ready to embrace a new way to stay warm and look cute around the house with these new kitty scarves from Japan.

The Cat Scarf (Neko Muffler) from Col Japan, is knit from acrylic yarn, and designed to be elastic and loose-fitting so it isn't burdensome to cats and not cause problems if it gets stuck on household objects. The red and navy blue scarf adds a sophisticated look to even the derpiest of cats, although as the scarf is designed for comfort, we imagine more playful cats might easily pull them off. While similar scarf substitutes for collars exist, many are frilly and cutesy, with Col Japan opting for a more elegant aesthetic.

While there is only one color pattern, there are two sizes--medium and large--that you can choose from depending on your cat's age. Felines anywhere between 6-months-old and two-years-old are recommended to wear a medium, with large as the recommended size for older cats. While both sizes are designed to be stretchy and loose-fitting, the one loop kitty scarf gives cats a very sharp look.

The item is available at Col Japan's online shop for 1,980 yen ($17.41 USD), although Amazon also carries the fancy scarf.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.