Miraikan is The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. It houses a plethora of new technology and upcoming projects of the new world. The museum was opened in 2001 and has since been a tourist hotspot for many interested in futuristic Japan. Kelly from the Youtube channel, Strawberry Mochi takes us into the depths of the museum and it`s mesmerizing exhibitions.

Miraikan`s main attraction is the Geo-Cosmos high resolution globe display showing real time events and weather patterns. You can interact with the globe and travel the world with just the tip of your finger. Another must-see are life like robots scattered across the second floor of the museum. Kelly investigates the various kinds of robots from fuzzy, therapeutic seals to human androids. It`s quite the site to behold!

Every year, Miraikan holds exhibitions with various themes. Topics such as “Human Waste and Earth`s Future” to “The Ninja – who were they?” have graced the stages of these exhibitions and allowed many to interact and participate in educational games and activities.

Miraikan also provides you with an app to learn more about the things you encounter. It`s available in many languages including English and Japanese.

Great for kids and adults alike, the Miraikan is definitely worth looking into. Check out Strawberry Mochi`s adventures at the Miraikan and see for yourself!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.