Of all the holidays that are celebrated in Japan, New Years is one of the most special. Though it’s true that less families are maintaining the tradition of visiting shrines and preparing gorgeous New Year’s feasts at home, it is still the practice of many to indulge in delicious foods to kick off the new year.

This year, online retail shop Belle Maison will be merging the Japanese tradition of eating osechi (New Year foods) with the one and only Star Wars series, both in celebration of its premiere of The Force Awakens in 2015, and the release of the spinoff Rogue One later this year.

Star Wars Three-Tiered Box

The Star Wars-themed osechi will come in a lavish three-tiered box, hexagonal in shape and decorated with artwork and patterns of Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. Each tier has its own theme, taking osechi-loving Star Wars fans on a galactic journey their tastebuds will appreciate.

First Tier

The first tier represents the Light Side and the Dark Side of the force. There will be an array of traditional foods including a black sesame mousse Darth Vader on top of some sweet black beans, and a milk mousse R2-D2 on kuri-kinton (mashed sweet potato with chestnuts).


Source: Belle Maison

Second Tier

The second tier represents galactic life, and contains a variety of seafood like boiled octopus, ginger conch, and herring. Characters like C-3PO can also be found in the mix.


Source: Belle Maison

Third Tier

The third tier is dedicated to the Dark Side. Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers will be lined up amidst a mouthwatering array of salmon roe, grilled sea bream, abalone, and more.


Source: Belle Maison

In addition to the three-tiered osechi box, Belle Maison will also be offering original Star Wars-themed goods of our favorite characters. They’ll all have a Japanese touch, of course, with chopsticks, furoshiki (traditional cloth), tenugui (traditional hand towels) calendars, and envelopes.


Source: Belle Maison

Orders for the 16.5cm-tall osechi box can be reserved until December 18th for 24,000 yen (235 USD). They’re scheduled to ship sometime between December 29th to the 30th, just in time to celebrate the New Year!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.