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Toriko: A Look At Some Of The Best Yakitori In Tokyo

Yakitori, or grilled chicken on skewers, are an often underrated form of Japanese cuisine. While yakitori is usually found at festivals and other informal settings, there are many ways to enjoy it, including a restaurant in the Nogizaka area of Tokyo called Toriko.

Some of the staff can speak English and tell you all about yakitori, as evidenced in the video. Yakitori is meant to be eaten right off of the skewer. The staff explains that pulling the pieces of chicken off of the skewer to your plate and eating the pieces one by one lowers the temperature too much for optimal taste.

The traditional charcoal of Japan is known as binchotan, which is described as giving meat “its distinctive smoky flavor while emitting very little actual smoke in the process.

There’s no pressure at this fine restaurant. One staff member says, “how you eat is up to you.” However they recommend starting with lighter flavors and then moving onto heavier ones gradually. Sabiyaki, which is white chicken breast meat topped with some whipped wasabi, is an excellent place to start.

There are many varieties of yakitori, but finishing with something heavier like liver or enmusubi, which consists of esophagus and eggs will end your yakitori eating experience on a high note.

At this particular yakitori restaurant, you can choose from a wide selection of wine.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.