It's quite possible that whether you're a big ramen fan, or somebody just learning about how great it is, the last person you want lecturing you on how to eat it properly is some white dude from New York. Well, Chef Ivan Orkin actually knows his stuff when it comes to the beloved bowl of noodles, having previously run Ivan Ramen in Setagaya, Tokyo, before leaving to open it up in New York, so he's not just some guy off the street.

In this short video, he gives a short take on how to "properly" enjoy a bowl of ramen. Now we'll be pretty honest there--nobody is going to give you grief over how you eat your ramen, and in that regard, as long as you are not committing some ridiculous cultural offense, there really is no completely correct way to eat it. That said, we imagine that most of his advice is rooted in observing how some customers in New York struggle to eat ramen the way it is traditionally enjoyed. Some snippets of advice, such as not biting off more than you can chew, along with being comfortable slurping and making noise, can be pretty appreciated for the uninitiated.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.