Concerts of Japanese idol singers are never complete without otagei, a type of dance performed by the audience that often involves jumping, clapping, and intense waving of the arms. The name of the dance comes from the Japanese words otaku and gei, which roughly means performance and art.

Because of the fact that otagei is widely performed by a male audience cheering on their favorite idol groups, it’s often regarded as a nerdy dance that is seen as more amusing than awe-inspiring. But shattering that stereotype is Kita no Uchi-shi Tachi (北の打ち師達), a group of otagei dancers whose videos feature powerful performances to popular Japanese songs.

One of their self-choreographed dances is performed to popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan's second opening song "Jiyū no Tsubasa" (Wings of Freedom), and shows the dancers giving a stellar performance with penlights and killer moves.

See more otagei dances by Kita no Uchi-shi Tachi via YouTube and Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.