No one can resist frolicking around in a winter wonderland, especially if you're a fun-loving duo of miniature dachshunds living in the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido. Japanese Twitter user @segasankumasan, a university student in Sapporo, let her playful dogs out into the yard one snowy day, only to find them running back into her arms with enormous clumps of frozen snow on the furs of their chests.


Source: @segasankumasan

It's cute and adorable, but the snow!!

The faces on @segasankumasan's little pups say it all, and we hope it didn't take too long to melt the frozen snow off of them. But despite the unexpected collecting of snowballs, all it really matters is that the dogs had their day of winter fun, and that they've learned it's always best to run off into the snow wearing a nice warm coat.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.