While many of us might not be surprised if a cat devoured a fish clean off the bone, we wouldn't typically expect a hamster to do the same. In Japan, small dried sardines are sometimes given to hamsters as food, and it's a rather common sight to see the furry critters chomping them down like they would any other treat. But as Japanese Twitter user @raichi0215 recently discovered, it looks like some hamsters are better at eating fish than others.

"Before" and "After"

After leaving a dried sardine in the food dish, @raichi0215 later found that same fish — only this time, there was nothing left of it but its bones and tail. Impressed, @raichi0215 shared a picture of it on social media, and it didn't take long for the twitterverse to notice this beautifully devoured creature of the sea.

According to @raichi0215, this was the furry sardine-eating pro:

Even most humans aren't this good at eating fish, so it looks like this hamster has a lot to teach us of its fish-eating techniques.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.