"Kawaii" may have started off as just another word in the Japanese language, but for a lot of people, it's become a way of life. Those determined to immerse themselves in a world of kawaii are always looking for ways to turn even the most mundane things into cutified objects of their desire, regardless of whether that something is as ordinary as a piece of toast. But perhaps it makes sense to kick-start the day with a dose of adorableness, which could be the reason why "cherry toasts" have begun trending on Japanese Instagram.

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Cherry toasts are super easy to make. They're simply a slice of toast topped with cut tomatoes and any type of vegetable or herb with a stem and a leaf. The "cherries" can be placed over some melted cheese, ham, butter — whatever floats the boats of those devouring the cute breakfast staple. Some have also made their own versions using jam, while others have taken the more obvious route of cutting up cherries for a more fruity start to the day.

Though these cherry toasts won't exactly bring about drastic changes to the taste of your morning toast, they are an easy and creative way to have more fun with your breakfast. And if you do decide to try it out for yourself, make sure you snap a picture and put it up on Instagram for the rest of the world to see!

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