Source: YouTube

Bell, The Very Hungry Kitty With A Bushy Squirrel Tail

While we've seen fluffy cats in Japan adorably try out fishing techniques and get into duels with Jedi master Yoda before, Bell the cat might have the strongest claim to cuteness wiggling behind her feline butt! Many around the internet are falling in love with her proud fluffy squirrel-like tail courtesy of her owner's Instagram account, @ricorico_rico.

If you're wondering, Bell is a Minuet--a relatively recent breed, coming from Munchkins and Persians. While many are understandably uncomfortable with issues concerning types of breeding, Minuets are said to have few health issues and Bell is living her life as best, and cute as she can. As you can see in the above clip, she's very demanding of food, and might just be even a little threatening if not for her majestic tail.

Check out more of Bell at her Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.