Tattoos stay with you forever, and apparently so does your criminal past. A Facebook post of an elaborately tattooed man in Thailand went viral, with many admiring the quality of ink covering the elderly man's back and chest. Thanks to it's popularity, the photo has led to the arrest of a yakuza boss on the rung for 14 years, the Asahi Shinbun reports.

74-year-old Shigeharu Shirai was wanted for allegedly killing rival gang member Kashihiko Otobe in 2003, and fled to Thailand in 2005 where he has since been on the run from Japanese police. After the photo of his tattoos gained viral attention, they helped Japanese police identify him and make a request for his arrest. He was detained for visa violations in Lopburi, north of Bangkok, and will be extradited to Japan to face charges of murder. While he admitted to being yakuza member, he did not admit to the murder. Other photos show that Shirai is missing both his thumbs, which can be assumed to have been cut off as a yakuza ritual of atonement for serious mistakes.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.