The popular team-based, first-person shooting game Overwatch launched just last year. Much of its tremendous success has been attributed to its excellence in all levels of design, character story, gameplay, and specifically the multicultural background of the characters. Although Japanese game developers might be eyeing this hit as one of their big rivals, one Japanese company has worked with the developers of the game to craft one of its most popular characters, Tracer, as an adorable Japanese figurine.

Tracer, who is of British origin and has a peppy and energetic personality, is the perfect character for well-known Japanese figurine maker Nendoroids to transform into their classic cute little figures.

Cute guns, cute knees... cuteness everywhere!

"Cheers, love, the cavalry's here!"

Her signature bangs is adjustable, like how she adorably blows her hair up in the game.

Japanese figures have always been made with high attention to detail. It's great seeing Nendoroids stepping in to support a U.S. game, as most of their cute figures have been largely focused on characters of Japanese anime and games like Hatsune Miku and Naruto. Also, Overwatch players have been lamenting the lack of character figures, so this little Tracer should clear some sorrow and hopefully, other Overwatch character figurines will be coming soon!

You can find little Tracer in the Goodsmile online shop. Her figurine will be available from February 15th to March 29th for US$50. You can also go directly to the official Overwatch Blizzard website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.