Walk through the doors of this brand new yakitori restaurant in Yotsuya, and be teleported to a place that resembles a Japanese hunter’s mountain hut.

Yakitori Arakiyama is a small chain of yakitori restaurants that targets customers over 20 years of age. Yakitori Arakiyama opened its first restaurant in Shibuya in 2017.
Supposedly, the small hilly area near the headquarters store was once called Arakiyama, and was named after the land owner of the time (belonging to the Nabeshima clan) – hence the restaurant’s current name.
The new store is opening in Yotsuya on the 1st of September and is Yakitori Arakiyama’s third branch.

The restaurant's layout and decor resemble a traditional Japanese fisherman or hunter's mountain hut from times gone by, that would have existed in a time when the people were supported by and lived in harmony with nature.
Enjoy tasty yakitori skewers, sake and wine whilst surrounded by the natural scents of a mountain hut in the adult-only hideout-like restaurant.

Yakitori Arakiyama Menus

Until the 15th of September, the restaurant will be offering a special deal on their ‘Pine’ course menu. Limited to customers in their 20s and 30s, the offer includes their ‘Pine’ course menu and all-you-can-drink drinks for 90 minutes for just 5,500 yen.

Pine course example menu

Kawamata grilled chicken breast
Kawamata grilled chicken thigh
Seasonal Vegetable skewers
Venison skewer
White liver skewer
Premium Red liver skewer
Soba or Oyakodon main dish

Yakitori Arakiyama only serves skewers featuring meat of the highest quality. In addition to serving up chicken skewers sourced from Kawamata, Yakitori Arakiyama also supports the dwindling community of traditional hunters, and offers up special gibier (game) meat dishes such as wild boar and duck.

Each meat is carefully cooked over charcoal by skilled chefs. Cooked at such a high temperature, the meats end up tender and juicy in the center with a crisp outer edge.
The new Yotsuya store also specialises in wine, and offers more than 30 varieties for customers to try. If you are overwhelmed by the range, staff can propose a wine pairing according to your meal.

If you fancy something lighter, Yakitori Arakiyama also offers smaller meals for lunch and has a variety of bento meals that can be enjoyed at home.

Opening on the 1st of September the new Yakitori Arakiyama restaurant can be found at 114 Kukaku, Comore Yotsuya 1F, Yotsuya 1-6-1, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo (東京都新宿区四谷1-6-1 コモレ四谷 1F 114区画). Don’t miss their opening hours: Lunch 11:30am - 14:30pm, Dinner 17:00pm - 21:30pm

By - Connie Sceaphierde.