Hinamatsuri, or Girls' Day, is a special day of celebration that consists of displaying a set of ornamental dolls of the Emperor, Empress, and other members of the court of the Heian Period. On this day, many families with girls wish for the healthy growth and happiness of their daughters, and we recently saw that even the elderly keep in the spirit with an 81-year-old woman who learned programming from scratch to create a Hinamatsuri game! Families with pets, however, are treated to the extra bonus of celebrating Girl's Day with an added bonus of adorableness!

As Girl's Day winds down in Japan, many are taking to social media to share pictures of their pets getting in the spirit. Despite some derpy looks, many of them were able to strike the regal and ceremonial poses that go along with the decorative dolls. Here are some of the best and cutest highlights.

Note: This first one was actually from Japan's "Cat Day" (February 2nd, 2/22 as the word for the number two in Japanese (ni) is close enough to the Japanese equivalent of "meow" (nyan)), but it just seems to fit!

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