Andreza Giant Panda crushes Japanese mascots with pro-wrestling power.

There seems to be no limit to the variety of Japanese mascots, affectionately known as yuru-kyara ("gentle characters"). Towns and cities around the country mean serious business when they construct these mascots to show off the pride and joy of their respective region, even if that means branching off into quirkier characters, such as a giant anthropomorphic enema or the swirly pink poop of loyal dog Hachiko. Unfortunately, we've seen this eclectic batch of mascot personalities can lead to some violent conflicts, and the latest victim of mascot-on-mascot crime appears to be the beloved Chiitan☆.

You may be familiar with the turtle-hat wearing otter, Chiitan☆, from it's (gender neutral) viral videos of fun-loving stunts that get a little bit too enthusiastic sometimes.

It appears, however, that the adorable Chiitan☆ need no longer inflict any harm upon itself, as a new threat to the world of Japanese mascots has announced himself. That would be Adreza Giant Panda (his name is an homage to Andre the Giant, but not actually Andre the Giant Panda). Andreza's backstory includes being born with a rare form of Gigantism that causes him to grow one year's worth in one month and requires that he eats three times as much as a normal panda. He was bullied in China by other pandas, and was rescued by a Chinese king in a forest on the brink of death. He soon found his way to wrestling for New Nemuro Wrestling and Big Japan Wrestling, where he crushes all who stand in the way of his dream to one day wrestle for WWE.

Here is how Andreza Giant Panda "greets" Chiitan☆

Chiitan☆ isn't the only victim, however. At a recent battle royal held to promote the Japanese release of Dwayne Johnson's Rampage, Andreza laid waste to all.

Reporters aren't safe, either.

You can't hulk up on this panda!

At the end of the day, he fights for his family, however.

By - Big Neko.