Source: @celely1128

Japan Is Loving These Bunny-Eared Adorable Plants

Japan definitely values cuteness in even the most ordinary of things, which should explain why Bunny-Ear Bread is now such a popular thing. So when that adorable shine occurs in the form of the plant, you can imagine the appreciation for Mother Nature embracing that kawaii aesthetic. When @celely1128 posted these pictures of an adorable succulent, that appreciation was heard loud and clear!

The adorable plant is a species of succulent known as the Monilaria obconica, and the unique combination of fuzz and sprouting bunny-esque ears has many on Twitter squealing with glee over them. While the succulent is still growing, the sprouts give it a bunny like appearance before eventually growing into flowers.

It's been popular enough to even inspire fan art! While the bunny-ear similarity is what is being most adored, many Japanese Twitter users are comparing the sprouts to the peace-sign pose that many Japanese people flash in photos.

With the plant's newfound popularity, @celely1128 clarified that while seeds are available, there don't appear to be many of the plant itself. Regardless, these furry bunny succulents are just another reminder of how fascinating, and totally adorable nature can be.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.