Japan's many terrifyingly realistic haunted house experiences haven't exactly been an attractive outing due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), but haunted house production group Kowagarase-tai (Scaring Corps) has recently been answering the bell for socially distanced scares. Just recently, the horror event group opened up Japan's first drive-in haunted house as a response to concerns over the pandemic, and now they're following it up with equally safe--and bone-chilling--haunted toilets and coffins!

The group is teaming up with the Lagunasia theme park in Aichi prefecture for their "With Corona Horror Fest 2020", a haunted house horror festival that abides by social distancing protocol and precaution. With Corona Horror Fest 2020 will feature a number of safe but scary isolated haunted house experiences based on Japanese urban legends.

The main attraction is based on Hanako-San of the Toilet. Hanako is a famous Bloody Mary-esque ghost in Japan rumored to haunt toilet stalls (specifically the third toilet stall of the third floor of schools in Japan). She can be summoned by knocking on the stall door three times and asked if she's there. What happens after that varies on versions of the story, but none of it is good.

This attraction isolates the guest in a toilet stall and reproduces the terror of the urban legend, with no contact between staff and guest. The stall is private and disinfected for each individual use.

Another attraction, not for the claustrophobic, confines the guest in the pitch black of a Japanese funeral casket. The coffin has holes for ventilation, but a funeral viewing opening for you to view the horror going on around you. The hole itself has a transparent partition for protection, and each casket is disinfected for each individual use.

Another traction uses one of the theme park's booth-shaped attractions to put guests inside a booth to view an attraction where Mimi-chan, a doll shunned by others for being too scary, attacks you.

Another has ghosts "greet" you in the theme park's garden area, with contact between staff and guests prohibited.

The event is set to run in time for Halloween, between October 3rd and December 6th. You can find more information about the event, the park, and it's safety guidelines and mandatory precautions at the park website.

By - Big Neko.