Originating as simple chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, Pocky is now so varied in flavors that it’s becoming hard for our eager tastebuds to savor them all. Aside from classic flavors like milk chocolate and strawberry, some boxes of the delicious biscuit sticks have gotten boozy makeovers (Whisky Pocky, anyone?) to cater to those who prefer a more mature taste. Newly lined up alongside such flavors is the Sakura Pocky and Champagne Pocky, both of which bring refined elegance to the world of sweet Pocky snacks.

The ideal snack for Japan’s cherry blossom season, the Sakura Pocky come in 4 packs of 6, and have a slightly different texture compared to the usual Pocky stick. The biscuits are made with cultured butter and have a pie texture, giving the sticks a slightly flakier consistency. They are then covered with sakura-flavored chocolate and topped with coarse sugar.

Equally made with high-quality ingredients, the Champagne Pocky are larger and individually packaged. One box contains 7 sticks, each coated with a fragrant blend of mild milk chocolate and fruity champagne. Renowned Japanese pastry chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi helped create the elegant flavor, transforming the simple snack into an upscale dessert.

Both flavors cost more than the typical box of Pocky, with the Sakura Pocky being sold for 365 yen (US$3.17) and the Champagne Pocky for 321 yen (US$2.80). With that said, they’re worth it for anyone who’s looking for a sophisticated snack to munch on during the day — or even with a glass of champagne! Get some at a local supermarket in Japan or head online to buy a box.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.