It's hard to express the joy of living with a pet unless you actually have one, but Japanese illustrator and bunny lover Schinako (@schinako) may be doing as great a job as possible with her charming artwork. In her illustrations, Schinako shows some of the simple pleasures that these adorable and fascinating animals can bring to daily activities such as cooking, reading, or simply relaxing around the house. In her profile, she writes that she loves drawing "the happiness of bunny and bunny lovers", and her delightful art style captures that perfectly.

The Fukushima based artist clearly understands the curious and affectionate nature of rabbits (inspired by her own bunny, Blanc), and her illustrations have a soothing quality to them that make you want to curl up with a nice hot beverage and rabbit of your own. Schinako has her own goods store (available worldwide) that imprints her beautiful artwork on shirts, mugs, calendars, and more. If you'd like to see more of her awesome illustrations, be sure to follow Schinako on Instagram and Twitter. Here are some samples of her relaxing illustrations!

By - Big Neko.