There's really no limit on what Japanese vending machines can offer. Outside of soft drinks, tea, and even alcohol, Japan's vending machines seasonally offer soups, canned syrup, and dashi. Now Japanese food and beverage brand Nagatanien is teaming up with delicious cream puff chain Beard Papa to release drinkable cream puffs in a can!

Nagatanien, which also produces a hot canned miso soup in the Winter, is releasing a cream puff in a can beverage that uses actual cream puffs from Beard Papa. The chilled dessert beverage will first hit vending machines in limited JR East train stations on March 21st before expanding to vending machines nationwide at a price of 130 yen ($1.13 USD) on April 24th. Nagatanien promises a rich and refreshing serving of cream puffy goodness that you can sip instead of bite.

They'll also be made available via these awesome high-tech vending machines.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.