Japanese online retailer Felissimo has a reputation for cute and quirky goods, but their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese) has carved out quite the line of Shiba inu goods, including scratch and sniff stationery that smells like shiba tummies and squishy shiba inu butts. Now it seems they've dubbed the popular breed as a worthy successor to their hit cat marshmallows with these adorable and squishy Shiba Inu-shaped marshmallows!

If you're a fan of "too cute to eat sweets", the "mini shiba inu-shaped Japanese style marshmallows" might be your holy grail. Aside from capturing the sometimes derpy but happy-go-lucky expression of an adorable Shiba, the marshmallows allow you to mimic stretching or squishing their famously puffy cheeks.

Looking from the side, you'll see that the marshmallows are shaped to mimic the snout of a shiba inu.

So what's inside? A creamy blend of chocolate and sweet red bean paste (anko), living up to the "Japanese style" of the treat's name.

Of course, as with normal marshmallows, they make a great addition to parfaits or a hot cup of cocoa, although these squishy little shiba will transform whatever you enjoy them with into the cutest dessert around.

Cutely packaged boxes of 9 marshmallows (they're rather big) are available to order online in Japan from Felissimo for 1,296 yen. They're not yet listed on the international order site, but you can follow it for updates.

By - Big Neko.