Word has long been out of an American remake of popular Japanese manga Death Note, and Netflix has finally released an action-packed trailer for their highly anticipated original film. The teaser was first shared on Netflix's Twitter with the caption "Shall we begin?" and shows Nat Wolff as Light Turner, a boy from Seattle who finds a notebook capable of killing anyone whose name is written in its pages.

As with other US versions of Japanese anime, there have been obvious concerns regarding the cast and overall storyline. Alongside Nat Wolff, Margaret Qualley has been cast as Misa Amane, Keith Stanfield as L, and Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, inciting a mixed response from fans of the series. As for the story, director Adam Wingard previously stated:

It loosely follows the events of the first five volumes or so. Lots of departure but the spirit is there. It's its own beast. If I had to compare it to one of my other films it would maybe resemble The Guest..

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But it won't be until August 25th that our questions will be answered, and until then, fans worldwide will surely be busy speculating on the first American live-action Death Note movie.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.