As general knowledge of Japanese food is expanding around the world (and even in Japan), there seems to be a better understanding about dishes and ingredients (such as people ditching the misconception that sushi means "raw fish"). Wasabi, however, still has an air misunderstanding to it, partly because of a lack of insight into the amount of effort it takes to cultivate the plant, and also because what many people think of as wasabi is simply colored green horseradish, which lacks the proper taste and is usually a bit too rough with nasal spiciness.


Source: YouTube

Real wasabi, however, has a distinct taste that many Japanese people don't simply use in combination with sushi and sashimi, but actually transform into dressings, ice cream, alcohol, and all sorts of snacks. Now The Great Big Story has put together a short, but informative video featuring the Daio Wasabi Farm in Hokata, Japan, which benefits from nearby natural spring water, that illustrates the world of cultivation and hard work that goes behind producing the freshly ground wasabi that may just help erase whatever trauma you've had with the fake green stuff in toothpaste tubes. By the way, the video is very green.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.