Murad Osmann, the photographer behind the hit #followmeto project featuring his wife Natalia Zakharova leading him by the hand to some of the world's most beautiful destinations, wasn't lacking for followers on Instagram before the couple's trip to Japan, but the two of them are certain to pick up a few more fans after touring some of the country's most iconic travel spots. In trips to places such as Kyoto and Akihabara, the couple used their signature pose to embrace both old and new in Japan, with Natalia sporting a lovely kimono and even some Sailor Moon cosplay.

Here's some highlights from their trip, which takes you from the tech and geek mecca of Akihabara to the gorgeous Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto.

The following video shows off a few locations not included on Instagram, including the famous Shibuya crossing and Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. There's also some extra footage of the beautiful Sagano forest in Kyoto and the inspiring Fushimi Inari Shrine.

It appears the couple's starpower was bright enough to even land them a meeting with popular model and TV personality Rola for a photoshoot.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.