Get your creativity flowing this September with this special online ‘POSCA Paint Party’.

Limited to just 100 lucky participants, the POSCA Paint Party will be held on Saturday 19th September and on Saturday 26th September.
Designed in collaboration between the Mitsubishi Pencil company (POSCA paint pens) and Talis (a company that runs the experience-based art lessons; Painty for beginners), the POSCA Paint Party is the perfect opportunity for adults to rekindle a love of creativity and freedom.

Recently, the arts and crafts world has seen a sharp rise, as more and more people have begun to get creative at home. As people rediscover their artsy side, they may come across the question; “What paints should I start with?”
POSCA provides easy to use paint pens in a wide variety of colours and sizes, which are perfect for artists of all levels. With their large range of products, there is a perfect collection of pens for everybody and any occasion.

POSCA supports creative activities and artists across the world, and specialises in producing water-based felt-tip pens that are versatile and easy to use. In the 1980’s the company quickly drew attention via street artists, but now the pens are used by artists of various genres. From street art to fine art, POSCA is now the driving force behind a large portion of the world’s creatives.

Painty for Beginners is a hands-on workshop/party run by Talis Co. where participants can enjoy drinking alcohol and socialising alongside taking part in painting lessons. (*There is no rule that states participants must drink alcohol when taking part in a Paint Party)

100 lucky participants will be chosen from a lottery to partake in the POSCA Paint Party. The session, which will be free of charge includes a set of POSCA paint pens and other tools that can be used during the event.
Participants will follow alongside a live tutorial from a professional teaching artist, who will provide explanations, tips and positive critiques during the session via Zoom video call.

To take part, entries need to fill out an application form. There is a separate application deadline for each event:

Saturday 19th September – The deadline for applications to the event is Tuesday 15th September. To apply for this session click here.

Saturday 26th September – The deadline for applications to the event is Tuesday 22nd September. To apply for this session click here.

POSCA Paint Party Overview

Dates & Times
Saturday 19th September, 14:00 - 16:00
Saturday 26th September, 14:00 - 16:00


POSCA 8 coloured pens
Canvas, Size F4
4 Brushes
Paper paint palette
Set of 6 coloured paints

*Paint pens and tools will be mailed in advance.
*Please note, if you are successful in receiving a place but then cancel your participation after the application deadline, the POSCA pens and accompanying equipment will be charged at 3,500 yen.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.