Of all the fandoms in Japan, perhaps train and railway fans may be some of the most dedicated. Some of the more passionate of these train otaku own train conductor clothing, have memorized and can recite the stops of multiple train lines, and are known to stake out the appearances of limited edition train cars and capture beautiful pictures of their departure. Given the high quality and sometimes luxurious nature of Japan's railway systems, their fondness for trains is rather understandable. Japanese Twitter user and train fan @igaigaadjmadjml may take the crown as far as railway fandom goes, as he assembled an actual train car room in his house!

If not for the view from the door window, you might actually think this is the interior of a Japanese train car. Instead, it's an astonishing life-size replica located on the second floor of @igaigaadjmadjm's home. Many viewers on Twitter voiced their disbelief, citing how realistic the signs, posters, and furnishing (just look at the ceiling!) of the car actually appear to be. That's because @igaigaadjmadjm is a dedicated train fan who attends semi-ceremonial events where train cars are commissioned out of service. Like many other fans at these events, he scavenges actual parts of the train before it is finally retired, and successfully integrated them into his model room. He even Tweeted out these pictures from different angles to prove it's not an actual train car photo.

While the length some fans go to follow their passion may be a bit jarring to some, at least @igaigaadjmadjml can enjoy the pleasure of knowing he doesn't actually have to board a train to feel close to his hobby.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.