Ocean Teabag has been struck the sweet spot between tea fans and animal lovers, delighting both with a series of animal shaped teabags that include adorable otters, giant squid and octopus, and even magical tanuki.

As fitting response to the winter cold, the popular teabag maker is expanding their lineup with two snow-loving animals ready to warm up your heart with their looks and a hot cup of tea: the adorable long-tailed tit and wise manul cat!

The long-tailed tit teabag, which comes with a baby bird perching out of your tea cup, uses Camellia's Tea House Welcome Tea, a blend of apricot and jasmine.

The manul cat teabag uses White Peony tea, and gives the appearance of a sage feline who is very much enjoying soaking himself up in a hot spring.

Both teabags, as well as other animal varieties, can be ordered at the websites below.

By - Big Neko.