If there's one thing this kitten's sure of, it's that she's utterly irresistible. It's gotten to the point where her owner, @ohkami_r, is pretty sure that this furry British Shorthair believes her name — besides her real name, Artorius — is "You're so cute." The proof is all in this adorable picture which @ohkami_r took while at home with the little feline:

She always turns around when I tell her she's cute.

As if lying on her back with arms up weren't enough cuteness for one picture, Artorius generously gave the camera a knowing glance as though she knew exactly how to make a human's heart break with her charm. But even if all this is a sneaky tactic to have @ohkami_r (and the whole twitterverse, for that matter) wrapped around her little finger, who could possibly resist this adorable ball of fluff?

Because when you're this cute, it would be a crime not to let the whole world know it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.