When Nissin Cup Noodle isn't catching attention with their creative advertising campaigns, such as re-imaging the cast of One Piece as high school students, they can be pretty inventive with what we usually write off as an affordable meal, as seen with their "drip coffee style" instant curry rice. Their second entry in their "All-in Noodles" series follows that trend by proposing a Cup Noodle that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while meeting your nutritional needs for the day.

In response to research stating that many Japanese people do not meet the requirements for daily healthy nutritional intake, Nissin's second edition of All-in Noodles uses their newly proposed "Nutritional Hold Press Method" to make instant noodles that contain 1/3 of your necessary nutritional intake (13 minerals, 13 vitamins, adequate protein, and dietary fiber) into one serving. Meaning that if you chose to sample each of the three released flavors in one day, you'd make out just fine in that regard.

The new method Nissin uses for the noodles, which they say provides a balance of nutrition and deliciousness, blends the nutritional ingredients in the center of the noodles, which helps minimize the deterioration and oxidation of nutrients as well as leakage during cooking and storage. The method sees a reduction of carbs by 40% compared to normal noodles, with 24.1g protein per serving.

While you can flavor the standard pack of ramen to your liking, the series also has three different types of mazesoba (sometimes called abura soba), a brothless serving of ramen noodles that uses a thick sauce for flavoring. A Tom Yum type flavored with coconut milk, lemongrass, and cilantro (coriander), a Tan Tan type seasoned with sesame and Sichuan pepper, and a standard soy sauce base mazesoba served with char siu pork, green onions, and chili oil. Sodium per meal ranges between 2.8g-3.6g.

Right now, Nissin is offering reservations (shipping is slated for August 19th) on their online site, with standard noodles priced at 400 yen a pack and mazesoba varieties at 600 yen. Subsequently they will also be available at Lohaco.

By - Big Neko.